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Marie Curie Annotated Bibliography

From Women in European History

Marie Curie main entry.

Curie, M.S. (1923) Pierre Curie. New York: Macmillan Co. A book by Marie Curie about her husband Pierre including an addendum with autobiographical notes. It eloquently tells the story of a romance between Marie and Pierre Curie that was centered around the profound love that they shared not only for each other but also for science. Marie Curie also describes in more personal terms the process leading up to the Curies' important discoveries.

Curie, M.S. (1904) Radio-Active Substances. London: Chemical News Office. Marie Curie’s landmark thesis on radioactivity, describing the discovery and isolation of radioactive substances. She goes into tremendous detail regarding the painstaking experiments that she and Pierre conducted. Reading this document provides a sense of the extent of Marie Curie's tremendous technical sophistication, patience, and attention to detail.

Nichols-Pecceu, M. (2000) "Cher Pierre que je ne reverrai plus ici": Marie Curie's Mourning Journal, 1906-1907. The French Review. 73(5) 872-880. This article provides a description of the recently-released mourning journal that Marie Curie kept for a year after Pierre Curie's death. Of particular interest, Nichols-Pecceu analyzes what Marie Curie's journal says about the role of women at the time and how Marie Curie tried to define her own role as a female scientist in Pierre's absence.

Quinn, S. (1995) Marie Curie: A Life. New York: Simon and Schuster. A detailed biography of Marie Curie that discusses her early life in Poland, her work and relationship with Pierre Curie, and the public's evolving perception of her. Quinn presents a very interesting discussion of Marie Curie's childhood experiences in Russian-occupied Poland and how these influenced her later life. In addition, she describes in great detail the impact on Marie Curie of Pierre Curie's death and the subsequent turmoil of the Langevin affair.

Pycior, H.M. (1993) Reaping the Benefits of Collaboration While Avoiding Its Pitfalls: Marie Curie's Rise to Scientific Prominence. Social Studies of Science. 23(2), 301-323. Discusses how Marie and Pierre Curie’s publication strategy led to both of their contributions being recognized. Points out that while there were other female scientists before Marie Curie, she was one of the first whose intellectual contributions to science were appreciated during her lifetime.

Rhodes, Richard (1995) The Making of the Atomic Bomb. New York: Simon and Schuster. Traces the development of the science of radioactivity from Becquerel and the Curies through the development of nuclear fusion technology. Of particular interest is its discussion of how Marie Curie's work impacted that of future scientists. In particular, it discusses how Marie Curie's Radium Institute, headed by Irene and Frederic Curie-Joliot, continued to conduct crucial experiments on radioactivity after Marie Curie's death.

Schiebinger, L. (1987) The History and Philosophy of Women in Science: A Review Essay. Signs. 12(2), 305-332. This essay presents a history of ideas about women in science, starting in the 15th Century with Christine de Pizan's writings and continuing through the 20th century. Of particular interest is the discussion of opinions about women in science in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Wood, F.C. (1938) Marie Curie—Her Life Work. The Scientific Monthly, 46(4), 378-385 An article in an American journal written about Marie Curie by Francis Carter Wood, the former chairman of the Marie Curie Radium Fund. Published a few years after her death, it provides a contemporary perspective on her contributions to science. While Wood makes the common mistake of thinking of Marie Curie as the chemist and Pierre Curie as the physicist in their collaboration, he still fully acknowledges Marie Curie's outstanding genius.

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