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Némirovsky -Annotated Bibliography

From Women in European History

1. Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma. "French Muse and Foreign Singers." Books Abroad 14.4 (1940): 376-79.

Summary: The struggle for a sense of identity that Irene Nemirovsky endured during her lifetime is addressed in this article. Specifically, it focuses on the relationship of her Russian origin and identification with and assimilation into the French culture during her upbringing, and how it affects not only her style of writing, the topics she writes about and how her audience views her. It illuminates the social connotations that arise when one identifies as Russian or French and how that process of identification is dealt with individually and by others. 2. Gibson, James L., and Marc M. Howard. "Russian Anti-Semitism and the Scapegoating of Jews." British Journal of Political Science ITALICIZE JOURNAL TITLES HERE AND ELSEWHERE 37.2 (2007): 193-223. JSTOR. Web. 20 Apr. 2010. Summary: This article charts the causes and effects of Russian anti-Semitism in history. Seen as individuals somehow distanced from the country, Jews in Russia were often the scapegoats of political, economic, and social crises that befell the country. WHAT ARGUMENT DO THE AUTHORS MAKE? In relation to Nemirovsky, the issue of scapegoating and the prominence of Russian anti-Semitism may have influenced her choice of identification with the French culture and shine light on the criticism she received for at times appearing anti-Semitic herself.

3. Griffioen, Pim, and Ron Zeller. "Anti-Jewish Policy and Organization of the Deportations in France and the Netherlands, 1940-1944: A Comparative Study." Holocaust and Genocide Studies 20.3 (2006): 437-73. Oxford Journals. Web. 20 Apr. 2010. Summary: In the midst of World War II, as did many Jews, Nemirovsky was viewed as a nation-less individual. This document examines the anti-Jewish policy and formal deportation process of Jews in France from 1940-44. The comparison of France to the Netherlands helps to further illustrate the influence of occupation upon a country’s treatment of Jews during this time.

4. Jay, Salim, and Alan Astra. "A Star Is Worn." Yale French Studies (No. Discourses of Jewish Identity in Twentieth-Century France) 85 (1994): 51-61. JSTOR. Web. 14 Apr. 2010. Summary: This article also explores the issue of Jewish identity through the experience of another Jewish writer in France, Morrocan poet Salim Jay. He deals with the issues of exclusion, indentification, rejection, and persecution during World War II and the social and political effects of Nazi influence in France. WHAT DOES HE SAY ABOUT THEM? HOW DOES HE 'DEAL WITH' THEM?

5. Némirovsky, Irène, and Sandra Smith. Suite Française. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2006. Print. Summary: Irène Némirovsky’s only two complete novels of an anticipated suite of five (the completion of which was rendered impossible following her death at Auschwitz WELL, YES) detailing the period of Nazi occupation in Paris (June 4, 1940 and July 1, 1941). Although they are fiction, the novels were written during the actual period of occupation (as opposed to a novel of retrospective reflection) and offer a great deal of insight into the historical, social, and personal impact of that experience.

6. Weiss, Jonathan M. Irène Némirovsky: Her Life and Works. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford UP, 2007. Print. Summary: Weiss’ biography of Irène Némirovsky sheds light on the earlier periods of her life ranging from her origins and birth in Russia, to her family’s flight to France during her early adolescence, to her deportation and final arrival at Auschwitz in 1942. The actual events of her life reveal much insight into her fictional work and her choice to illustrate the social and emotional effects of the Nazi occupation in World War II.

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