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Talk:Alexandra Kollontai

From Women in European History

Hey, it's Chelsea. This page had some major formatting issues, which I think I fixed by trial and error. It could still do with some headlines and bold/italic print to help differentiate sections.

Hey, this is Nora! I agree with Chelsea that you might want to think about organizing your paragraphs with headings/subheadings that give a better idea of what's being focused on in each section--for a page like this, I think it just makes it easier on the reader if they can see clear divisions. I made notes in bold type (signed "Nora") throughout the text in areas where I thought you might want to consider giving more explanation or clarification of your point, but of course take all of my suggestions with a grain of salt. I guess I just wanted to give you a few things to think about. Anyways, I made a couple of general headings and moved your annotated bibliography to another page just to make the main page less crowded--feel free to undo that! I also put up your picture and fixed several typographical errors as I was reading, so that makes me feel like I was at least a helpful editor in that respect, heh! -Nora

As Nora points out, you often resort to vague statements. Work to be as specific and clear as you can. Work to push toward analysis; what you have is mostly descriptive. JLP

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