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Talk:Anna Leonowens

From Women in European History

THESIS Overall, I think you make a lot of good arguments about Anna, but I have trouble seeing how they fit into one thesis. From the end of the Intro I thought you'd be arguing that her background prepared her for what she faced in Siam. You argue in the first section that she was experienced in dealing with different religions because of this background. Okay so far. Then you start talking about imperialism and Anna's role therein-- how does her upbringing relate to this? Is it because she was raised in a colony herself? Why did she feel the need to go to Siam and preach British/Christian values in the first place? What influenced her? Then there's the B-A affair, which serves mainly as evidence for the imperialism point, and the conclusion. By the conclusion I'm confused as to how your arguments about Anna and religion and Anna and imperialism fit together.

CONTENT The point you end with amounts to saying "Anna was important because she was different"-- can we say anything more? Other than that, content is good-- maybe a little more on her upbringing where it is necessary to explain her later motives.

ORGANIZATION, CITATION, ETC. The writing is all good, it just needs to be sewn together around a thesis a bit better. Good content outside the autobiography. Obviously it's a short one, so it's hard to extract more from the autobio itself.

GRAMMAR My in-text comments are double bracketed in the code Template:... and appear red on the actual page-- a lot of things I didn't change but just marked if they were awkward sentences, ambiguities, etc.


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