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Talk:Jane Austen

From Women in European History

Hey, it's Chelsea. There are a few more points I want to make, and I have already posted their headlines. I am curious to know if you think her work needs more contextualization, i.e. more about her environment. Thanks for your input!

De'Azia-Hey I think that its really important to include her educational training. ALso, there is a part where you mention that her family did not pose opposition. Who did? This is key to her publishing and struggle. ALso, if her writings are a reflection of her own life elaborate on this point in the biography. Jane Austen is a popular figure and a lot of speculation is around her personal life. Try to discuss these in a little more detail; we want to know what made hee such a great writer.

Hey, it's Nora. I really enjoyed reading what you have so far--I'm an English major, so I'd actually be really interested in learning more about Jane Austen. I actually hadn't realized just how little I already knew about her, so kudos to you for presenting lots of information that isn't already incredibly widely-know. You've definitely gotten my interest! So, I put in a couple of general comments or things that I'm sort of curious about, but I guess it's still kind of hard to say what might need more explanation. Like I said, I'm looking forward to reading the rest! And let me know if you have any more trouble figuring out how to put in the references. -Nora

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